How I Became the Learner I am Today

School has always been a struggle for me. It has been something that I have always had to take extra time in and work hard to get the grades I have received. It all started back when I was a young child. I had a hard time especially with reading. When I was in first grade I was not the best reader. I would get embarrassed to read in front of the class because I was not as advanced as the other students. To make matters worse the teacher I had did not really take the time with me that she needed to. She always just wanted me to finish the work and send me out to recess. I felt like a lot of the times she was angry with me because I could not get it right away like the rest of my peers.


Photo CC By: Robin Hutton

I got through first grade however it was not much better in second grade. I had to switch teachers after the first couple of weeks of school because the teacher I had my parents did not feel would take the time to help me get advanced. In addition, during the middle of the year my teacher’s son passed away and she was gone for a very long time and was very sad. It was not until third grade that I got the teacher who inspired me to be teacher. She was an inspiration to me! I wanted to be just like her because every couple of days she would keep me in at recess to help me do extra reading.13036220735_186c0fbeaf

Photo CC by: Calico Spanish

She always took the time to help me catch up and I was soon where I needed to be with the rest of my classmates. It was then that I loved to read with my class. Throughout middle school I still worked hard to get my grades. However, in high school geometry then became my new obstacle.


Photo CC by: Technolab Group

This was the class that I spent everyday in the study room working with classmates and my teacher to understand how to do proofs. It wasn’t easy but it taught me to never give up and to keep going. I would say that my journey through school has not been easy but it has taught me that I can never give up and I have to keep pushing to get where I want and need to be. Not only that but the struggles  I have had in the classroom have taught that I cannot worry about the things I cannot control. All I can do is do my best and hope for a great outcome. With that being said, the struggles and highlights I have had have made me realize I want to see that lightbulb come on for students. When I was in high school I got to work in a teacher cadet program where I got to teach lessons and help students struggling. When I would see them understand something it would make me so happy! I know that these experiences have made me want to help every student that I can. I want to inspire my students like many of my teachers have but do things differently for my students as well.


Photo CC By: Jaylinn Lohr

I want all of my students to get the best learning experience that they possible can and go to their full potential! I am going to keep pushing while I am at Chadron State to be the best teacher I can be!


Photo CC by: Nancy Lohr



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