What is Digital Literacy?

There are so many questions to be answered but sometimes it is hard to find the answers to them. I know that I was asking what does digital literacy even mean? How can I incorporate it into my classroom? Will my students enjoy it? So many things have been floating around my head and it took me sometime to find the answers I could be searching for. I started out by finding the definition of what digital literacy means. I found that it means what I thought it could mean. Digital literacy means the knowledge, skills, and the broad range of the use of digital devices. These could include a smartphone, laptop, iPad, basically anything device that we use today. Since I knew what the meaning of digital literacy was now I could begin to answer the other questions that had been stirring around in my head. While I kept researching what digital literacy looks like in a classroom I found an article that brought some more questions to mind. There are so many things that should be answered before considering how to use in my future classroom. This article you can see by pressing on this link here. I thought this article was so helpful because it brought to my attention some other questions that I needed answered before I could begin to apply digital literacy to my own classroom.

This answered some of my main questions however, there are still some that need to be answered before I can feel super comfortable. Now I think I have pretty good idea of what digital fluency is but I wanted to do some more research to double check. What I found out is that digital fluency and digital literacy are two different things. I found that they are different but the same. Fluency is how well or how fluent we are using these digital devices.

Now, moving on to how to teach digital literacy I found in my research that there eight essential elements to make it make sense.  The eight essential elements include: culture, cognitive, constructive, commutative, confident, creative, critical, and civic. More information about these elements can be find here. With that being said, I hope to learn how I can make it fun for my students to be digital literacy learners and then someday leaders. I think that it is super important to know these basic facts to move forward in a technology driven society.



Photo CC By: Aaron Davis


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