Stress Can Be Your Friend!

I have always been the type that stresses out, especially when it comes to school. When I realize how much I have to get done I tend to start worrying, wondering how I am ever going to find the time to get all my work done. Or when I plan an event how am I going to have enough money to pay for all my supplies. Stress comes in everyday life, I have realized that I am not the only one who stresses. This TED Talk I chose to do because I can relate to it well.

In this video it showed that many people died from stress. However, it wasn’t because they stressed it was because how they viewed stress. They had a mind set that made their heart over work and that is what caused them to die from stress. The study they conducted in the video that people who had a different mind set about stress lived a happy life. When the lady in the video was talking about the way we think of stress it can actually be healthy for us. That really clicked with me because I stress so much about school work. It made me realize that I am always going to stress in life but how I view it can make a difference to my health. The way I handle and think about my stress can either help or hinder my health.

Now, that is not only what the video talked about. We have all heard of the hormone Oxytocin. We think of it as the hormone that all of our science teachers have taught about. However, I did not know until I watched this video that it is also the hormone that is the stress responder. This hormone can help your heart be repair your heart after negative effects of stress, it can be the fixer. This then will help you recover from stress. Helping out the people around us when we are under stress can help us recover from stress. When the video started talking about this it was so amazing to me. I never knew that our body’s reacted in this way.

Many have heard that stress can be harmful. However, how we act and how we think about stress can really be healthier and it won’t be negative. We have to remember when we are stressed that we have to think positive so that way we can live a healthier life. So, the next time you are stressed remember to thin positive and respond to others to have a more positive impact on your health!


6 thoughts on “Stress Can Be Your Friend!

  1. I definitely needed to read this! I am not good at handling stress either. My problem is I’m a perfectionist. Everything has to be perfect down to the tiniest detail or else I have failed. It’s a difficult mindset to have, that’s for sure. However, the past four months I have improved my stress management tremendously. I realized first of all that God is in control, and second of all everyone needs time to rest. I still work hard, but I understand that sometimes it is okay to pull back. I really hope this TED talk helped you to have similar revelations!

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    1. I could not agree more! I have learned that God handles everything and I can’t try to control everything. I am the same as you, I want things to be perfect. I am so glad this helped you!!


  2. Jaylinn,
    Great post! I too become stressed fairly easily. I always thought of stress as a negative emotion or state of mind, but by watching and reading you post i have come to understand that it doesn’t necessarily have to be a negative emotion. It is kind of strange to think that some people who are stressed are happy, but I’m happy and stressed quite often simultaneously. I didn’t know that oxytocin helped mend the heart from stress. Interesting point. It is always a good reminder that although we are stressed, we do not have to think of the experience poorly, if only we decide to take stress as it comes and keep smiling through the challenge. Good post!

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    1. I thought so too. I think that I always made myself think it was a negative emotion because of the way I handled it. Thank you so much for post!


  3. This is so interesting! I was actually just stressing out about the coming up week so reading this really helped! It’s crazy how being positive can mean so much to a person! The positive mind set is what does the tricks!


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