TED Talks in the Classroom!

I don’t know about how many other people there are like me but I had not heard about TED Talks until about a year ago. My teachers back in high school or even at the junior college that I went to never used them. So the first time I had a teacher at Chadron State tell me to watch one I was not sure what it was. At first, I did not really know what to think about TED. I just thought it was more busy work for me to do. However, I am quickly learning that they can be very beneficial to learning.

After reading the How teachers can best use TED Talks in class article it really opened my eyes to what  TED can do in the classroom. I remember back when I was in high school when we had awkward topics to talk about it was hard to get a discussion started. Many students didn’t want to be the first one to make a comment or ask a question. If my teachers would have used a TED Talks video or even had us read a TED Talks article I think it would have got our minds rolling more. That goes for a difficult subject matter too. Sometimes it is hard to get a discussion started if students do not understand the subject matter. What I learned in the article I read that these videos and articles can give students ideas to build off of. Now, many think that you can only use TED Talks in high school and college. However, that is not the case. We can even use them in the middle school and elementary levels. They can beneficial no matter what the subject you are teaching.

Unlike my teachers that I have previously had in high school I know now that I want to use TED Talks in my classroom. I want to be an elementary teacher, either third or fourth grade. With some of the observing at these grades that I have done so far some of the subjects they have is starting to get more complex at this age. Now, I do not want to use videos all the time to open up a discussion because the students will eventually get bored. However, I think that it is great to use these sometimes to help my students to understand. I know now for sure I want to use TED Talks in my classroom. Now it is up to the rest of the future teachers reading this to decide if they want to use them in their own classroom!


Photo CC By: Urban Data Ted Talk


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