Classroom Management Fundamentals Insight!

Teachers have a big responsibility. They have the responsibility to fill students with enough knowledge to function in life. However, how can we do our jobs as teachers if we don’t have classroom management? As I get further into my education course at school the more this thought begins to circle more in my head. I think of all the things I have to do as a teacher classroom management is the one I am most nervous about. Many ask my why. It makes me nervous because not every student is the same, not every situation is the same either. Not only that but, if your class is complete chaos then how are the students supposed to learn? That is why I have decided to do a little research on my own to understand how to better manage my future classroom.

Now, I have found that there are many things that I want to focus on when I did my research. In this first article that I found it talks about the four main points to an effective classroom management style. These include: knowing what you want and what you don’t want, show and tell your students what you want, when you get what you want, acknowledge (not praise) it, and when you get something else, act quickly and appropriately.

I had have thought about a few of these but not all of them and I think these four points should be the motto that all teachers should live by. Students need to know the expectations in the classroom and know that if they don’t follow the rules then there will be consequences for their actions. Now, many of professors have told me this before and they always told me to follow through with the consequences no matter what.

I have always thought of classroom management as just consequences for bad behavior. What I have found this week is that there is way more to classroom management than that. In addition, after finding these to be a very good motto I went into searching about classroom arrangement. I found that the way you arrange seating in your classroom won’t always guarantee that there won’t be behavior problems but it might prevent some of them and poor planning can actually cause the behavior issues. I have found that the teacher should be able to see all the students at all times. That way their work and behavior can be monitored. Not only that but I had never thought about the heavy traffic areas of the classroom being an issue. What I mean by “heavy traffic” is where students walk a lot and reading corners, things of that nature. These should be open and easy to access for all the students to prevent injury or bad behavior. 4117029925_4412825415

Photo CC by: calicospanish

Also, the set up the desks is a huge thing. The students should be able to see the teacher and presentation of the lecture without a lot of moving and turning of heads. This will allow the students to stay on task a lot easier. With that being said, the materials that students use a lot should be at easy access. I have often seen that teachers will have the students keep these things in a book bag type deal that hangs on their chair so that they can easily access it. Lastly, I found that adding some decorations to your classroom can help the learning environment. Too many decorations can distract the students from their work.

There is so much more to classroom management than I ever could have imagined! I am so excited what I have learned this week. Stay tuned for more information about classroom management! You won’t want to miss it!

Cover photo CC by: commons.wikimedia


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