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This week I have been learning so much about my independent learning project. I have learned so many key things that I want to apply to my classroom in the future. However, what I found this week is what I am excited to share about. I found that there are six tips that every teacher should have in their classrooms. They are take charge of your class, focus on the disruptive students, let students chose their seats, give incentives to do their best on assignments, keep an eye on your students, and establish consequences for misbehaving. As I read through each of these they totally clicked for me. I really loved the detail under each of these headings that this article had to offer. For more in depth details click here.

As I keep researching I have found that there is so much more that goes into classroom management than I have ever thought. I guess that for me it is hard to pick out what to use in the classroom and what I shouldn’t use. Should I try things and then if they don’t work then try others? Do I adapt to the class or the situations? Or do I stay with what I start with and enforce it hard? To me it is so hard to pick these sorts of things out because children today do not respect authority like they use to. At least in my experience students don’t.

As I did further into my research I get more excited to pick out the classroom management style that fits me best. I think that this weeks and last week articles that I have found have been a great start for me. However, there is still more detail that I would like to find out about what I have found so far. I think that I need to keep digging in order to have a well ran classroom


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5 thoughts on “News On Classroom Management

  1. You found some wonderful information on class management! I feel as if the authority in a classroom affects the success and behavior of the students whether that is in a positive or negative way. Through my experiences with children, I believe consistency is the most important aspect. I think that you should find a set of rules that you feel are important and role with them. Some students will attempt to push your boundaries, but it is important that you just hold your stand. If you set your goals and standards from the beginning and keep them consistent the students will quickly figure out your expectations of them. I feel that switching things around and trying different skills will leave the students confused on what you expect. What do you think?

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    1. I agree. I think that it is like raising a child. You have to have the set boundaries and stick with them. Also, we have to follow through with the set consequences if the rules are broken. If we don’t then they will know we aren’t serious.

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  2. Classroom management tends to be tricky and I often have the same questions you did. I believe it is important to have specific boundaries set and rules to follow and stick to them, don’t be lenient at the beginning. However, if your students respond well to your requests and you feel that maybe your boundaries are too strict, you can ease up a bit after your expectations are clearly set. I think you are on the right path though and this research is really going to benefit you when you are in your classroom.


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