Creating My Own PLN!

I honestly did not know what a PLN was until I did some research. However, like in my last blog post I felt it was important to share what I learned for other people/future teachers who were unaware of what they are. I thought that the article “How to Cultivate Your Personal Learning Network” was so helpful too. It really broke down what steps to go through to get started building your own PLN.

After finding out all the information and going on various sites I wanted to follow people specifically to education.I tried to stay towards elementary education but I wanted to follow news about education.I started on my Twitter with some education groups that I had previously noticed and followed. I went through and seen who was following them so I went through and looked for elementary education people/groups that interested me. I wanted to stick to just elementary education. However, it was difficult to find some specific to elementary education. I found that there were a lot of news about education as a whole. So, since I was struggling a little bit I decided to find some on education as a whole. I found a lot of good and interesting sites on education news. One that I thought was awesome was a Tweet from Teaching HOW2s. I thought that this group was very interesting to follow because they seem like they would teach me how to be more effective at my job. Not to mention this specific tweet they posted grabbed my attention because they give steps to being an effective learner. I thought this was great because we can share this with our students so they can learn more effectively and we can teach that way so the students can benefit.

Then, I moved on to find some on sites on Feedly. This was another challenge to over come because there were some I couldn’t follow since I was in the free package. However, I still found so many great groups just on the free site too.

I really enjoyed looking through the blog posts on the Feedly site because they can share more ideas than Twitter can. It is sometimes are to get a good explanation in only 140 characters. Sometimes on Twitter I have to imply what they are saying since there isn’t much detail given. However, that is what I like about Twitter too that you are able to imply.

It was so hard and frustrating at times. However, I felt that it was worth it because now I can have these connections forever. These can benefit me as I continue my schooling and start teaching. I plan on using these sites I followed as I start getting closer. They might even help me with my independent project on classroom management. I feel like having to create a PLN is the best assignment we have had so far because they really will help me gain knowledge in the area I want to teach in.


Photo CC By: shawncampbell


2 thoughts on “Creating My Own PLN!

  1. Great post, I think you pointed out some things that are true for most of us. First off, I was also frustrated at times trying to find good reliable resources. Ugh, finding 100 of them seemed to be a lot, but I made it through. Secondly, I kind of fought with the idea of even making a PLN because I wasn’t really sure what the point was, but now I totally understand and think that this assignment is really going to benefit me forever! I am also curious about your tweet, it looking interesting. I’m going to have to check it out. Thanks for the resource!


    1. Ya it was hard at first but I think that they are connections we will enjoy having. You will for sure have to check out my Tweet! It is a great resource.

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