Seeing Classroom Management Up Close

This week I have decided that I did not want to do my research online for my independent project but I wanted to do it in a real class situation. I have recently started my observing for O&P which allows me to see classroom management up close and be hands on. I have noticed many things while I have been placed in the classroom.

I have been placed at the Chadron Primary School in a second grade classroom. First off, I have found that I love second graders. They are so eager to learn and ask so many great questions that even make me stop to think. I was fortunate enough to be placed in a classroom that has great kids. So far I have not seen one bad behavioral issue that was needed to be addressed. They all have manners, do what they are supposed to do right away, and they are eager to learn.

After spending sometime it made me realize why these students act the way they do. For one, I think that it some great parenting going on at home. However, I think that it is the classroom setting the expectations early and following through with them. I have been able to stay a full day and a half day. I think that this has been very beneficial for me to see because I have seen what their routine is for the day. They have structure in their classroom and I think that is where the good behavior begins. When the classroom teacher asks them to sit down and work they for the most part do it. However, this last Friday they were struggling with getting to work on their work because it was Friday and they were ready for the weekend. She told them to get busy a few times and then when they wouldn’t she took time out of their recess. I thought that was very effective because all children want to go outside to play, once she did that they got to work.

Another thing that I have noticed while being in the classroom is how it setup. There are four groups and in each group there is five desks. I love how this is set up because the students can work with each other in groups but they can still work alone too. Another classroom management thing that there is a leader of the class each week. The leader leads the line, do board work, and takes care of the paper work that needs to be sent to the office. I loved that idea because each student will get a turn but also it make the kids feel like they have more than learning as their job.

I have found that the classroom management style I have noticed the last couple weeks is a structure that I would like in my classroom someday. I think getting up close and seeing it first hand is easier to comprehend than just learning about it online. I have two more placements for O&P so I am excited to see how those two teachers run their classroom.


Photo CC By: Robert Kaufmann


11 thoughts on “Seeing Classroom Management Up Close

  1. That is awesome that you are able to get into the classroom to see it first hand. I am currently working as a para at a school and deal with class management everyday (substitute days are the most interesting). Great ariticle


  2. Getting hands on experience will teach you tons more than simply sitting in your room reading articles on management. I agree with you that students need to be given expectations early! Nice work!


  3. I think it is great that you are in O&P and get to observe classroom management first hand. Most of the time, the students in Chadron Primary School are very well behaved. I agree that great parenting is involved, but also that the teachers in this school are great. I really like that the school has leaders for each day. It’s great! Great post!


  4. This is great that you can put what you are learning for this project in real life observation and take note of how you would want your future classroom to look like! There are great tools from being out in the field. The leader is a good project to do with the students, so they all get a chance to know how to lead. Even the students who get stuck in the average group or below average get the opportunity to.


  5. This is a great opportunity for your independent learning project to gain a hands on experience rather than research for a week atleast. I am glad you found that you love teaching second graders as it will be a fun future for you! There are many factors that go into teaching of these kids and I am glad you see all of these.


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