What is up with DS106??

Many of you might even know what DS106 is, because I certainly had never heard of it until I did some research. After all the research I have done I am still not sure I completely understand it still. When I saw it on our assignment sheet I right away went to the website that was provided. On the DS106 website ย  I found a lot of great information that helped me get started. However, at first it was really intimidating so I felt I should get some more information, so I started googling it. When I started searching I found so many great blogs and articles over this concept, they explained what it was and how to use it.

I learned that it is an open online class that helps students use many types of media. It is great because it is free, it is all online, it uses blogs, Twitter, Flickr, Soundcloud, and many other tools. This online tool allows to learn the best way they can. So once I learned what it was I wanted to learn how to use it. To first sign up for DS106 you must set up a blog and write one blog post. In addition, the lessons for the course are set up into units, which I thought was great! The first few units are what they call “Boot Camp.” Throughout these units you can set up a Google+, Twitter, and many other tools. There is so many things about this tool that are so great, I am still learning but I am getting there.

The thing that I love the most is that it is completely free, I love this part because so many sites now days cost to use. Not to mention that you can guide yourself throughout the course. By guiding yourself there is no time limit, no grade, and no teachers just talking for hours. You can work at your own pace, what works best for you as a learner!

It was hard to get started however, I think this is tool that could be so beneficial to many students. By using this we can challenge higher level thinking students and slow down for lower level students. Not only that but it is a great way to keep in touch with many other educators around the world. By using DS106 there is always learning at just the click of a button.


10 thoughts on “What is up with DS106??

  1. This post was really helpful, thank you! I was unclear on what ds106 was exactly, but now I do have a little bit better grasp on it. I like the idea of using this to challenge higher level thinking students and differentiate for lower level students. Great post!


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