New Classroom Management Skills

As many of you know I have been doing my independent learning project on classroom management. I started out by doing research on the Internet. However, once I got into the classroom to start my observing for O&P I thought it was a great idea to learn classroom management through a live classroom.

I am still currently in Mrs. Cogdill’s classroom at Chadron Primary School. Let me tell you if you want to see an amazing teacher just sit in on a day with Mrs. Cogdill, she is outstanding! The way she handles situations just amaze me and I want to be just like her someday! The last few weeks I have noticed more little things that she does so that students respect her. The first is when they are being too loud she holds up her and says give me five in a voice that they can her but not to loud. She says it about three times until she has the students attention. Then, she goes on with her instructions. In addition, she has taught her students non-verbal signs to give their friends if they are being to noisy. I love this idea because when kids start shhhing each other I think that only makes things louder and there is no progress made. By doing this the students know that their friends want them to have better behavior before they get in trouble by the teacher. One thing that I saw today is that the students were not in line like they were supposed to be. She had all the students go sit down at their seats, she talked to them about why it was not appropriate the way they were acting. Once she talked to them she had them reline up and try it again before heading down the hall.

Another thing that I have noticed is she lets the students help her a lot when they can. Little things like erasing the board, handing out papers, or simply grading each others work. She also has a line leader that starts the pledge, writes the date on the board, or helps with any other tasks she ask of them. I loved these ideas because the students helping just seemed to make things run smoother.


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However, it is not all about students behavior that creates a great classroom environment. I have noticed other things that she does that keeps her class running smoothly. I am usually in her classroom on Thursday and Fridays. When I am there on Thursday afternoons while the students are in library time she uses that time to get lessons ready for the next week. She explained to me that she has to submit all of her lessons to the principal by Monday morning before they teach them. I loved this idea because it allows them to get organized for the next week. I have seen so many unprepared teachers that it was very refreshing to see how she would get prepared for the next week.


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Tomorrow is already my last day in her classroom and boy I am sad to leave. I have learned so much the last four weeks that I have spent in her classroom. She treats each of her students with respect and kindness, she treats them as if they are her own kids. I am sad to leave her classroom however, I am excited to start my next classroom next week and give you all an update on other classroom management styles.


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