Reflection Up Until Now!

This class has had a lot to offer so far. I have learned how to use many different things that I would have never known without this class. I really was not into blogging until I started this course. I think that someday using a blog would be great to use in my classroom. I would love to use to update parents about how things are going on in the classroom. I think that another useful tool I have learned more about is my Twitter account. This I feel like could be handy for my future classroom.

So far I have learned a lot in this class but it has been a lot of work. This class I feel like has had a lot of work that goes with it but most of it has been really beneficial. The way to input different things into my blog or on my Twitter account has been really helpful. This class has met my expectations on digital literacy. I have learned a lot of digital tools that were very helpful.

Wit that being said the most challenging part of this class is getting the amount of work done by the due date. I have felt like I have to be dedicated to this class for one full day or I won’t get all the work done that I need to in order to stay on track. However, while that is a challenge I still have been able to get it done. I think that it takes me a while to get it done because the amount of work and then how I have to figure out the things that I am unfamiliar with. However, once I do figure it out I feel like I have accomplished a great task!


Photo CC By: Keith Williamson

I have liked this class so far. I hope that I continue to learn more digital tools that I can use in my own classroom someday. I want to learn different fun ways to share this with my students and the parents in my room.


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