Digital Citizenship

When I first saw this assignment I thought well what is Digital Citizenship? How can this term be defined. After watching a few videos I found that this one below was the best at explain to me what it digital citizenship is.

Video CC By: CyberWise1

After that I did a  simple Google search. I found that it is the norms of appropriate, responsible behavior with regard to technology use. This is great to know and I think is even more important to understand to share with students. Like anything we must figure out how to properly use something, much like driving a car we must know the rules of the road. Digital citizenship is the same way we must know the rules to Internet and how to stay safe. I thought that this stuck out more to me than anything is how to stay safe. I think that it is especially important to teach students how to be safe and smart. My school always would just lock websites that we weren’t allowed to be in however, they never told us why, I think that many schools are like that. Since we are in a digital age I think it is a must that we teach students how to stay safe.

The first reading that sounded interesting to me was “The Digital Citizenship Survival Kit.” I really thought that people need to have these analogies in order to stay more safe while being online. These were fun ways to make people more aware of how to be more safe.

In addition, I think that as a future teacher it is important to know how to handle a situation if my students are not being safe or someone is bullying them. I think the first step we have to take is trying to prevent it in the first place. I found that there are seven ways  to do this. I thought that each of the seven ways were super important to follow to make sure the students stay safe. However, if things do get out of control then we have to find ways to deal with them. That is when I looked at how to deal with digital cruelty.  I really found this article to be helpful because if we can’t prevent it all the time then we must have to know how to deal with it.

We are in a society where technology is around every corner that we look. We must do our jobs as teachers to protect our students. We have to help them be smart and stay safe while using technology.


4 thoughts on “Digital Citizenship

  1. Very informational video. I think it is very important to stress the importance of being a digital citizen and providing ways to protect our students and ourselves from sharing too much info and avoiding false information. I also feel that bullying will also be an issue, so it is important to know how to handle the situation as a teacher and a student. Thanks for all the info!


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