Who Is Jaylinn Lohr?

I have googled myself before to see what comes up about me. When I googled myself today I found what I have found before. I first found that in the regular web I found all of my social media accounts. I also found that there was some articles from our local newspaper about winnings I had growing up while I showed livestock and livestock judged. In addition, I found that there are a lot of images towards the top of the page that are from when I showed. Growing up I was very competitive in the show ring and that was my life. Here are a few examples.


Photo CC By: Sidwell Show Sheep


Photo CC By: Jaylinn Lohr

As I kept searching around I also noticed that there were some other pictures of me from ones I had posted on Facebook, some from when I livestock judged, and I found it strange that I found even found pictures of me of people I didn’t even know as well as some pictures from showing of friends who I grow up with. With that being said, the pictures I found of my friends I could only think that I liked them or something.

I then got more curious as to if there was more on me then just when I showed, judged, or my social media accounts. I then typed in my middle name. The first thing that google did was it tried to correct me on the spelling of my name. I then found my name under the Colorado Resident Data based since that is where I am from originally. I found it so odd that they knew so much about me. They knew what party I vote for, where my home address is, my age, and so on. After that it only had things that were not even about  me anymore.

I have realized that I must be cautions as to what I put on my social media accounts because they are there forever, it is crazy to find out who I am with just a google search. A further employer will just find what my success were in 4-H and part of college, they also might find things like my social media accounts. However, they also might find things that aren’t really even about me. I have found that I must be safe to make sure that my future is not harmed because of technology.


7 thoughts on “Who Is Jaylinn Lohr?

  1. It is crazy to think about what is out there for the young people who have not been taught correctly about digital literacy and those kids that are just turned loose on the internet.


  2. I have also found similar information about myself regarding my address and age, it is kind of unnerving, isn’t it? I try to be very careful with my social media, but obviously the databases are getting our information from somewhere/ someone. It still looks like your Google search would be impressive to future employers, though! That is what is the relief, but you never know about the false information that may find as well. Thanks for sharing!


  3. I am glad to see you have something that you were so passionate about! This is a positive footprint for people who may see it in the future. My nieces have just got into showing and they seem to love it. It is nice to see you are now taking caution to what you might post from here on out, even though you have nothing to hide!

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