Classroom Management Recap

I have had the opportunity to see different classrooms so far this semester and it has made me think about how I want my own classroom to look like someday. The first teacher I observed had taught for 28 years. She was so smooth and patient with her class. I could tell as I in her classroom that she had found what worked and what did not work. I had also noticed the battles she would chose to fight. I noticed that sometimes with the students she would get on them if it was worth it. However, if it was not a big issue then she would usually let it slide. I have always thought I would want my students to be perfect. However, that is something that is not possible. I am going to have to chose my battles and do what I can do to make sure they get the proper education.

In the second classroom I was in the teacher had only been teaching for six years. Even though she was not near as experienced I noticed a lot of the same things. She would also make up fun rhymes to get her students attention. They were kindergarten so they thought it was awesome. She was also full of energy which for that grade level you need to have a lot energy because they are a lot of work.


Photo CC By: Story time

The next placement I am in is in a third grade classroom and she is only a second year teacher. I am so excited to work with her and see how things are going and what she has learned over the course of the two years. She can relate to me on being new in the classroom.

I am glad that I have seen so many different spreads of experience. I have felt that during my time in the classrooms I have learned some what of what to do and what to not do. I had one teacher tell me that I would never feel prepared until I am in it and doing it for myself. I think that is very true. I won’t ever feel ready until I take the plunge and go for it! I am excited to see what my third placement brings.


8 thoughts on “Classroom Management Recap

  1. I think working in multiple different classes is wonderful. I believe it is the best way to get the proper experience in many aspects such as classroom management. Of the classrooms I have observed, I have found classes such as the first one you mentioned to work the best. When teaches are patient and kind, the students have a tendency to follow directions more accurately. When teachers constantly gripe at their students, I find that they are more likely to push the buttons of their teachers. While this is kind of a backwards strategy, I find it to work the best. Have you ever heard of positive reinforcement? It is a strategy I plan to focus my classroom around!


  2. Great post on your independent learning project Jaylinn! I like how you’re sharing what you’re observing because that is the best way to learn! That’s cool that you’re able to watch different teachers and the way they teach and learn from them!


      1. Yes, I feel like seeing how an actual classroom management works in person will definitely help more than learning from the internet. I mean, there are a lot of videos out there now you can watch and learn from but the actual experience is probably way better!


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