The Use of Technology

There are so many things that we have to be conscious of while we are using technology. I have often times wonder if the way I spend my time using technology is mindful. I have found after reading these articles that I waste a lot of time online. I am on social media a lot of them time during the day, even before I go to bed. I spend time on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. I feel that I have waisted a lot of time with the precious time I have here on Earth on social media. Not only that but I have found that if I can’t get my mind off of things while I try to go bed then I will check out the latest sales going on in the stores. However, I have spent a lot of time online that has been useful. When I need to look up something quickly by having the technology I do have it allows me to do things faster.

I thought something that was so interesting was the TED video about not using technology for a whole year. I honestly don’t think I would be able to do this. Maybe for a month but not a year. Everything that I do is consumed by the use of technology. When I went to school at my junior college I had a professor that asked to not use our phones for a whole week. That in itself was hard enough. I have shared this video below because I thought it was so interesting!

Video CC By: Paul Miller

After that I went to read more about why I feel worse after I check Facebook. I have noticed that when I have looked up an old friend or an ex I have often times felt upset. The longer I look the more sad I get. This article was completely true and I can understand why now I feel worse the longer I am on Facebook. I think that Facebook can be good however, bad news spreads like wild fire and if you find something over that it makes you feel awful. I would know this because this has happened before. I think that rather then spending so much time on our technological tools we need to spend more time interacting with each other face to face. I think our generation is suffering because we spend so much time online.


4 thoughts on “The Use of Technology

  1. I can entirely relate to your post. I spend way too much time on social media, and I feel like I am constantly online due to classes, however, I find that I also procrastinate due to the tech use. I felt like I needed to rethink my tech/ social media use after reading the posted articles…I felt guilty for wasting so much time. I also feel that our generation is lacking social skills on so many levels and I fear that these skills are not going to improve with the future generations, which is very unfortunate.


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