Digital Stories and Podcast in the Classroom

I had never had a teacher really use these type of resources in the classroom as I was growing up. In fact, it was not until I got to college that I was required to use so many different technology tools. When I was in high school we did it the old fashion way, with books and paper. However, the more I learn about digital stories and podcasts I think that it would really benefit students.

Sometimes our schools can’t afford to give the students all they need to learn best. We are seeing tighter budgets where I am from. A lot of school I have been have students with an individual lap top or an iPad. However, some schools can’t afford to do that. That is why I think that it would be great to use podcast or digital stories. Most everyone today has a smart phone. The cool thing about this is that I can access podcasts directly from my iPhone. If there is something a student needs to watch they can access it on the go. Now, I understand that we will have to make arrangements for students who do not have a smart phone. In addition, I would use this type of thing in my classroom to teach from. I think it would be a great motivation tool. I found a resources of digtial stories that I found super helpful. I wasn’t so sure of what it was at first and after accessing it here I understood much better. I loved it because it explained what it was while also giving examples of what they should look like. I honestly would think that this could benefit the students a great deal if I used in my own classroom.

Once I figured out what digital storying telling was I wanted to know more about what different podcast I could use. There were 12 that I thought would be great to use and were all great suggestions. I think that if I were to ever teach in high school and were on unit about a mystery then Serial would be the story I think that would be great to share with the students.

I think that there are great advantages. However, since I want to teach younger children it would be hard to incorporate something like this. I don’t know that I would have them create them at a young age but in high school I think it would be a great tool to have. In an elementary classroom I would share different stories and podcasts as a whole group. That way we can talk about them. We are using technology everywhere we go, I believe the students need to be prepared.


6 thoughts on “Digital Stories and Podcast in the Classroom

  1. That is a very good point about podcasts being cheap and effective modes for alternative learning methods! There are so many free educational podcasts out there! It may be hard to incorporate some of these things with your young classes, but if you are able to teach them a little through podcasts and digital stories, they are already going to be way more advanced than their peers. Nice post!


  2. The only podcast I can think of using in high school would be when we would read stories out of the over-sized books in elementary school. Rather than our teacher reading these to us, we would listen to them through the audio version. I strongly disliked when our teachers asked us to pull out these books for that very reason. I am a visual learner therefor I often found myself dozing off to the overly pronunciated voices. Also, what do teachers do in these scenarios when a student with a hearing impairment is brought into their classroom? While I feel, they are wonderful ways to introduce a new type of learning, I feel they should be used in moderation. Providing a wide variety of ways of learning will help each student succeed. I do feel that the younger generations sometimes enjoy listening to someone else tell a story. In what ways, will you incorporate these into your classroom?


    1. Yes I could see how they could be an issue. That is so true. I think that I would use them on occasion but I am a very visual learner to so I would prolly use more hands on things in my classroom.

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