Third Placement Classroom Management Update!

Since I have started O&P and moved around different classrooms I have found so many new things that I couldn’t have ever learned online. This week I have started my third placement in a third grade classroom here in Chadron. I am currently working with a third grade class with a second year teacher. I was actually really excited to work a new teacher because then I can ask her questions and have her relate to me how it is when you first start more easily.

For only being a second year teacher I could tell she had high expectations of her students. She told me that I would have to try different things to find out what works for the class best. Since she was young and new I noticed that there were some things in the classroom I would of addressed more quickly. There were some students tipping back in their chairs which I thought was a safety issue. In addition, I noticed a few of the boys knew how to just get their way with talking. However, I did like that when the students were acting out or not doing what they were supposed to do she would talk to them individually right away. She would not call them out in front of the class.

I really enjoyed the way the class was ran. I noticed at the front of the classroom there was the shape of baseball field. For each position there was a different job. Every student had a job but two of them. If they were in the dug out they didn’t have a job. I thought that was awesome because they were all involved. She then explained to me the score board that she kept track of. There are two teams each day and the teams can change daily they would get a point for their team if they were doing the expectations. In addition, there was an MVP at the end of each day. The student would be voted on by their classmates and they would receive a prizes. I thought this was great motivation for the students.

Another thing that I thought was helpful for organization was she would give the students a number and if they had to stay in for recess she would just write their number on the board. During reading she also found it helpful to spilt the independent work into four groups and give them a half sheet of what the tasks were expected of that day. I thought this was great because the students didn’t talk as much and did what they were expected to do. She would switch their tasks everyday and then on Friday’s they would test.

So far, I have learned so much in this classroom. I am excited to spend the next few days in the class!


4 thoughts on “Third Placement Classroom Management Update!

  1. It sounds like you are learning a lot this semester! I liked the MVP part, where their classmates vote on it. I think that this is a great why to help drive some students who wouldn’t ordinarily try. Nice post!


  2. I think having the opportunity to observe a new classroom teacher is a great experience. When I completed by observation for Intro to Teaching at the beginning of last year I also was placed in a second year teacher’s classroom. However, unlike you much of what I learned was what not to do. In my opinion, this is just as important if not more so than learning what to do. Witnessing examples of struggling classrooms puts a clear picture in your mind so that you can avoid being in that situation. This is a good commentary on your experiences!


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