Canva is awesome!

It was super interesting to see all of the different tools that I could use to build a graphic of what I have learned about my ILP. The articles were very fun and interesting to read and it took me a while to decide what I wanted to create my own on. I think that the comic strips would be super fun for a writing assignment so that the students could get creative. I decided to go with a simple one because I wasn’t sure what I could add on mine. I decided to mine on Canva. I wasn’t sure how much to add on mine however, I kept it short and sweet. If you click here you can access my design.

Throughout the process I found that using Canva is the most easy to navigate. I tried to look into the others however, I found it super hard to figure them. Since I am a student that learns best with a direct end result near I thought this would be awesome to do. I wanted to just have the direct thing I have learned so far in my experience in the classroom. I thought that the Canva that I made was pretty self explanatory.

With that being said, I loved working with the site. It was so easy and fun I loved how you could pick from their templates or you could create one from scratch. The templates were endless there was some for thank you’s, wedding invitations, or even just things for school. I thought this site was awesome because you could have a single page or multiple pages so it is easy to make a school project on it. Another thing that I liked was that it recognized me as a new user. I had to create an account so that all my stuff would save. Then, since it new I was new it gave me a tour of the site so that I knew how everything worked. That was really handy so then I knew how to share my work. In addition, I could then make them private or public available. I thought this was great because then you could chose on how to display your project.

Overall, I enjoyed my experience with Canva I would recommend to every teacher because they are a fun way for the students to display their projects. They are easy, fun, and a great way to display your student’s work.



15 thoughts on “Canva is awesome!

  1. Besides helping them with their creativity skills, the comic strips could help them learn in a more fun manor about proper grammar. There are endless amounts of ways to use all of the resources we researched this week, we just have to be willing to open up and try them. I was able to figure out Canva pretty well too, but I wasn’t able to jump right in like you. Although, I sometimes struggle with learning new digital programs. Overall, great post this week.


  2. I also chose Canva and I really enjoyed it. I liked that it was easy to navigate, but I had a hard time deciding what template to use. I was thinking the same when it comes to using the comic strips and writing, I feel that they could go hand-in-hand. I would use these sites in my classroom and also recommend them to other teachers. I like that they are a fairly quick way to add detail and creativity to a project.


  3. I didn’t choose to work with Canva this week, so I’m glad that I read through this post. That’s great that it worked so well for you! I like your idea of using comic strips as a part of a written assignment. As a future English teacher, I could see myself doing that. Perhaps to get students writing succinctly, I could have them tell a short story in a six panel comic strip. Thank you for the inspiration! Besides Canva, did you end up exploring any of the other comic strip websites?


    1. I did not look at them in very much detail. However, I did read some other people’s blogs about them and I learned so much!


  4. This website sounds wonderful! I have a passion for creating new things both with the use of technology and in a present manner. The piece you chose to make is awesome! I think it would look fantastic printed off and hung in your classroom to remind students to try their best. I feel I would use this website to teach children about creativity and art via the use of technology. I would have my students create a poster to go along with different classroom lectures and topics. How could you use this program in your classroom?


      1. How about having your students create a short story and usuing Canva to create a creative book cover? For some other ideas I shared many thoughts in my most recent blog post labeled, Graphic and Visual Creations! 🙂 I hope that is helpful!


  5. Great job Jaylinn! I loved what you’ve created! I also loved Canva as well and I was excited to make something through it! I was amazed by the endless templates Canva has as well! I had an awesome experience and I know there will be a lot of use for this website in the future! I know you’re an elementary major, how would you use Canva in your classroom with the younger kids? Would you have them try to create something or more of creating it and showing them?


    1. I think I would use it in Language Arts or Social Studies to do a fun project. Or I could have them keep adding to it throughout a math project to see how they end up by the end of the unit.


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