That’s a wrap!

I have learned so much during my independent learning project. I was so nervous about trying to find the right choice however, I felt like I did learn so much. I thought that by choosing classroom management it pertained to my life. I did not want to chose a project just for fun, I wanted to be able to apply it to my future.

When I first started this project I thought that I was just going to find things on the internet. However, I quickly learned that it was hard to learn this way for me and I needed to be more hands on. It worked out great that I was in O&P during this class because I was seeing live classrooms and seeing how experienced teachers ran their classrooms.

It was so easy to get motivated because I was already going into the classroom most days to observe for my other class. Once I started this project I found myself watching for more classroom management styles. I found a lot of things that I loved and want to do in my own classroom someday. I also found some things that I wasn’t so excited about and decided that I didn’t want to do those type of things in my classroom. Since I was so motivated and got to see things first hand it was not a hard project at all. I found things I liked and didn’t like and then wrote about them.

I think that the best part about this whole project was feeling more confident about getting into the classroom. I was so unsure before of how I would run my classroom. Since I have ideas now I am so excited to get started and have my own classroom.

I am going to use a lot of the ideas that I have in my future classroom someday. That is the reason why I choose this project because I wanted to be able to use in my future. Overall, I am so happy with how my project turned out!



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