Metaphors for Teaching

When I saw this blog post I immediately got nervous because I did not know what direction to take and how to create my own digital story. It was so frustrating because I like to know exactly what is needed of me. However, since I had freedom I decided to start by looking at why it is important to have metaphors while you are teaching. While I read the Poetry for Everyday Life shared so much great information as to why we need to use them. I never noticed before but we really do use them in our everyday life. Actually, thinking back I used them even when I don’t mean too. I also use them when I hear my mom or even grandparents use them.

So I really needed help on what type of metaphors I would use in my classroom and how I would even use them as a learner. I decided to find a video that would best describe me.

Video CC By:Pearl Tuohy

I felt that this video really described me as a learner and as a future teacher. These are the type of metaphors that I would like to use in my own classroom someday. They describe each aspect of everyday life and I think that is so important.

Someday I want my own classroom to feel like a home. I want my students to be able to come to me with anything. Much like a home though I want it to be structured to where everyone is respected and learns each day they enter the classroom. My ideal classroom is going to be a third or fourth grade class, that has eager students, ready to learn. Not only that but the students will be understand and respect every adult in my room. I feel like some classes today don’t have enough structure and the students are in charge rather than the teacher being in charge. I want my students to be excited to learn and I want to make learning fun for them!


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