Innovative Learner

This semester has been full of new learning and full of challenging tasks. However, throughout the semester I have been feeling like I have made huge progress as a innovative learner. I have felt myself getting more comfortable with the idea of trying new things. I believe that everyone has their own idea of how […]

Metaphors for Teaching

When I saw this blog post I immediately got nervous because I did not know what direction to take and how to create my own digital story. It was so frustrating because I like to know exactly what is needed of me. However, since I had freedom I decided to start by looking at why […]

That’s a wrap!

I have learned so much during my independent learning project. I was so nervous about trying to find the right choice however, I felt like I did learn so much. I thought that by choosing classroom management it pertained to my life. I did not want to chose a project just for fun, I wanted […]

Canva is awesome!

It was super interesting to see all of the different tools that I could use to build a graphic of what I have learned about my ILP. The articles were very fun and interesting to read and it took me a while to decide what I wanted to create my own on. I think that […]